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Energy & Renewables

SaskPower Queen Elizabeth Combined Cycle Repowering

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Converting three gas turbine generators into a combined-cycle operation


Energy & Renewables

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200 MW

The challenge

An Ц Joint Venture provided engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) services for expanding the SaskPower – Queen Elizabeth Power Station in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada while the plant remained in operation. Ц faced a multifaceted challenge in the expansion and conversion of the power station’s existing gas turbine generators into a combined-cycle operation. This project aimed to boost electricity output by 200MW while drastically lowering emissions.

Ц’s construction management staff worked from our Saskatoon office to educate the regional construction community about the project, establish programs with regulatory officials, and prequalify suppliers / subcontractors while setting up site mobilization and logistics. Ц managed site activities and staffed the safety, quality, materials management, schedule, contractor supervision, budget-change management, and coordination with SaskPower.

Key Facts

200 megawatts

EPC contract

Completed on-time and under budget

An Ц-led joint venture employed an integrated solution that embraced meticulous planning and execution. Under an EPCm contract, Ц managed all aspects of the project, from engineering and procurement to construction management. This included the installation of three gas turbine generators, one steam turbine, six steam generators, and associated transformers. The team’s comprehensive approach encompassed civil and building services, site preparations, utilities, foundations, mechanical and electrical systems, and controls.

To ensure compliance with environmental regulations, our project team installed temporary detention basins and systems for dewatering and filtration to collect, sample, and test effluents daily. Disturbance procedures and a spill prevention program were developed to safeguard habitats. Stormwater from any area subject to the infiltration of contaminates was considered wastewater and was collected in detention basins for evaluation and treatment.

Through a holistic approach combining technical expertise, environmental responsibility, and experienced project management, our project team successfully delivered enhanced plant efficiency and environmental sustainability to the SaskPower Queen Elizabeth Power Station.

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