General Motors Lansing, Michigan, United States

Constructing the world’s first LEED manufacturing facility, achieving gold

General Motors Delta Township Assembly Greenfield Assembly Plant LEED certified

Greenfield assembly plant

Using design-build delivery, an Ц joint venture constructed a $178 million campus-style automotive assembly plant. The 2.4 million-square-foot campus includes a 690,000-square-foot body shop and a 590,000-square-foot general assembly facility, interconnected by 101,000 square feet of elevated conveyor/utility trestles. Ц also constructed an administration building, featuring a state-of-the-art data center that controls the entire complex.

General Motors Delta Township Assembly Green Manufacturing LEED certified

Green manufacturing

This project was the first automotive assembly plant to achieve LEED Gold Certification. During design, the Ц team paid careful attention to site sustainability, water efficiency, energy use, and materials and resources management. The end product was an innovative facility constructed with minimal environmental impact.

General Motors Delta Township Assembly Collaborative Innovation LEED certified

Collaborative innovation to meet tight schedule

To complete this project in an aggressive 20-month schedule, GM and the Ц design-build team collaborated using 3-D technology. Ц utilized the model to continuously merge building design information with material handling, product, and process tooling design information. The modelling process facilitated efficient collaboration between disciplines.

General Motors Delta Township Assembly Award Winning Service LEED certified

Award-winning service

Ц hosted a three-day partnering workshop with all major project stakeholders. This session included value engineering workshops, which resulted in a substantial number of cost savings ideas. This cooperative approach was a hallmark of the project, resulting in recognition from the Construction Owners Association of America through their Project Leadership Award.