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Building safety into everything we do.

Collaboration is key to every project at Ц, and nowhere is that more evident than our safety culture.

Having safety as our primary core value means we work with our employees, partners, clients and communities to build a safe workplace for all.

It’s a commitment that you can both see and feel, from the earliest planning phases of preconstruction all the way through completion. Safety is part of everyone’s job.

For over 20 years, Ц’s SafeRing approach has been the central point of our safety program.

SafeRing is built on four guiding principles:

  • Plan
  • Communicate
  • Observe
  • Improve

Simply put, the idea behind SafeRing is that our safety program is always evolving. And we’re always striving for improvement. And it’s not just our safety professionals driving it. It’s more than executive leaders or superintendents. It’s everyone.

Safety in action

Of course, everyone in our industry talks a lot about safety. But here are the actions we’re taking across Ц to ensure the safety of our people and the communities we call home.

We have created a culture of safety, and we give our people the resources, training and support to ensure everyone is working together toward the same goal – injury-free and incident-free construction.

Mental health is monumentally important in construction, and we’re breaking the stigma of talking about it to make sure our teams can always get the help they need.

We were one of the first to move away from traditional hard hats to modern-style safety helmets. It’s a visible, tangible example of our commitment to equipping our people to work safely.

Safety, to us, also means ensuring everyone on our jobsites has the right tools, in the best condition, for every task.

From Construction Safety Week to a year-round commitment to in-person training, webinars and more, we never lose focus on the importance of safety for our employees and clients.