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Taking an integrated, holistic approach to quality.

Quality is not a standalone initiative at Ц.

It’s not an individual effort, or even a “top priority.” It is integrated into everything we do.

We start with a standard set of policies, procedures and documentation. Of course, we adapt these policies to every project our teams tackle, adjusting requirements, building codes and other specifications as necessary.

Our approach to Lean is centered on collaboration, ensuring everyone works from the same set of expectations and responsibilities. Implementing Lean construction techniques allows us to streamline all aspects of project delivery and eliminate wasteful rework. Read more about Ц’s Lean Edge.

We have created a range of programs to ensure our teams are always learning and growing, putting them in a position to do the best possible work.

We use technology to further our quality initiatives, fostering collaboration across disciplines and building efficiencies at every step of the construction process. Learn more about our VDC approach.

We gather data on every project and use it to learn what’s working and what needs further development. It’s how we measure quality, and ensure we are always meeting our clients’ expectations.


American Institute of Steel Construction Certification

  • Building Fabricator
  • Bridge Fabricator – Advanced
  • Fracture Control Endorsement
  • Complex Coating Endorsement 1 – Enclosed
  • Erector

CWD Certified for Fusion Welding of Steel, American Welding Society

  • AWS B5.17
  • QC17