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Creating project cost and schedule certainty right from the start.

Setting the stage for construction success.

Preconstruction is about more than estimates and schedules. At Ц, we take a broader view, enabling us to take on the kind of multifaceted projects our clients face every day.

From the beginning, our integrated approach is about total transparency and collaboration with the entire project team, including both our preconstruction experts and the operations team that will deliver the project.

At the outset, we apply our lean expertise to solicit input from all stakeholders and facilitate a collaborative experience.

Our approach to teaming brings together project owners, design teams, architects, engineers and trade partners to set priorities and expectations and establish alignment on client goals.

As preconstruction continues, we’ll work hand-in-hand with the client, design and planning teams, to ensure that the client’s vision is achieved.

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Steel Fabrication & Erection


Project Solutions

Creating operations, schedule and cost certainty.

As our client’s preconstruction partner, we’ll draw on our experience and real-world data to plot the course for a successful project.

At Ц, we self-perform a large percentage of our work.

Our self-perform expertise means we know what it takes to get the job done and allows us to find the best solutions to drive the project forward.

Our preconstruction process takes a deep focus on safety and the environment, protecting both onsite workers and the surrounding community.

From day one, we enable owners to strike a balance between budgets and scope to deliver cost certainty and empower our clients to make informed decisions.

We’ll look at not just the fastest way to work, but the best way to work to ensure an effective and safe outcome.

Exceeding quality standards begins long before the first shovel hits the ground. In the project kick-off meeting, the team aligns on our quality management processes. Incorporating our virtual design and construction expertise ensures all aspects of the project are coordinated virtually prior to installation, eliminating costly rework.

Our staffing plans ensure we bring industry-leading experts while incorporating community partnerships, mentoring programs and MBE/WBE engagement.

Our trade partners are a valued part of the team and critical to project success. Our trade partners want to work with us because they know they will arrive on a safe and efficient project, allowing them to be successful at every stage.

We leverage virtual design and construction tools and techniques, drones, laser scanning and clash detection early on to solidify construction plans and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Matt Schumacher

Matt Schumacher

Vice President – Estimating
[email protected]