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Leading our clients toward a more resilient world.

Our mission is to build the critical structures that improve lives and strengthen communities.

Those are more than words to us. This seemingly simple phrase guides everything we do.

In partnership with our clients, making their goals our goals, we strive to make things better for people and for the planet we call home. Here’s how we do it.

Setting an example.

More than a decade ago, we stepped in front of our industry. Our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri was the highest-LEED-Rated, most sustainable office building in the United States at the time. But it’s more than that.

It’s also a great place to work, with abundant outside light visible from every room. This is a place that sustains both life and the planet. That’s the standard we set for ourselves–and for our clients.

Meeting every client’s ESG and sustainability goals.

Our experience with our own building put us in a unique position to help clients set their own standards, no matter how high. Today, we’re using this experience to build net-zero university buildings, hydroelectric plants, and battery plants for EVs.

It’s a press beyond simple sustainability. Toward supersustainability. Toward resiliency. For the planet, and for every person who calls it home.

Million work hours per year


Hours with no lost-time

Let’s talk about your sustainability goals.