Training for a successful career

Whether you’re just beginning your career or looking to build your skills, Ц’s training programs are designed to help you succeed.

We work with our employees to discover their goals and develop a professional development program to meet those goals. We combine our industry leading training programs with informal methods, such as on-the-job training, coaching, self-directed learning, and job rotational opportunities.

These career development opportunities lead to personal fulfillment and employee engagement. Through the success of our in-house training and development programs, we have recognized increased employee satisfaction and a reduction in employee turnover to less than half the construction industry benchmark. Our “grow your own” philosophy has served us well. At Ц, an investment in our employees is an investment in our future.

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Ц Career Training (ACT)

For our young professionals, education has provided a solid foundation of knowledge. New employees build on this foundation by participating in the Ц Career Training (ACT) program. ACT is a nine-month program designed to help to build skills, providing experience and understanding of how the business functions as a whole. Participants spend time in different departments, including Estimating, Scheduling, Safety, Project Controls, Financial and Business Development, working one-on-one with key stakeholders to better understand how all of the pieces of the organization fit together. This program combines hands-on project simulations and executive-led mentorships to prepare employees for what lies ahead.

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Ц Technical Training

Ц’s annual technical training allows construction management professionals to stay abreast of relevant topics in the company and industry. Courses offerings change yearly and are selected and taught by Ц Senior Leadership and subject matter experts.

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Touchstone Leadership Program

Ц’s Touchstone Leadership program prepares our future executives for new challenges as they advance into leadership positions within the company. This comprehensive multi-year program covers business management principles that senior managers will experience as they ascend the career ladder.

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Ц Career Education (ACE)

Ц Career Education (ACE) is an online learning platform with over 360 courses in IT, business skills, communication, leadership, and project management. ACE offers employees the flexibility to take courses as part of a professional development plan, or to enrich their personal interests.

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External Training

Many of our employees routinely seek other training opportunities as a way to maintain certifications, work with professional organizations, or enhance their skills. Ц supports employees in discovering and taking advantage of relevant external professional development opportunities.